Field Service

EngineNLD is 24 hours a day availableto provide services and repairs on your engine all around the world. Thanks to our technical knowledge and experience we are able to provide field services on all kinds of engines. Our field service team is so dedicated to their job that they consider working for EngineNLD as a lifestyle and not just a job. The management, engineers and technicians are proud to be part of our service team. This ensures superior quality, fast service and highly specialized skills.

Reconditioning service

In our state of the art workshop we can recondition almost any part of all well known engine brands and types. All the components we recondition are quality checked and all necessary class certificates can be included. In our workshop we are equipped with a complete washing and cleaning line for heat exchangers. We work with an ultrasonic cleaning method which is perfectly suitable for high quality cleaning of aircoolers and engine parts.

Our reconditioning service include the following engine parts;

  • Piston crown
  • Piston skirt
  • Cylinder cover
  • Heat exchangers
  • Connection Rods
  • Cylinder liners
  • Vibration dampers
  • Fuel equipment
  • Cooling water pumps
  • Lubrication oil pumps
  • Crankshaft
  • Governors
Engine Analysis

With our state of the art Premet engine analyzer we are able to make a perfect engine analyse report, which is needed to ensure a proper functioning engine. Whe can provide you with the following reports;

  • Analysis of the cylinder pressures of all cylinders
  • Verification and if required correction of the dynamic TDC position
  • Graphical explanation of operational relevant parameters
  • Evaluation of combustion timing under consideration of the p-alpha pressure traces
  • Considerations in regards of wear detection
  • Considerations in regards of performance optimisation / adjustments of engine settings

Together with our endoscopic research you will have a complete report and idea how your engine is performing. By knowing the engine performance you can prevent breakdowns and adjust the engine settings according engine requirements.